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Idea was conceptualised on the loss of our pet at the tender age of 4. The void left behind made us aware and realise of the unconditional love given by these mamamals with the ability to communicate without even speaking a word. Also, we found out that like us, there were plenty of Animal Lovers, not only Pet animals but Pet, Stray & Farm, who felt a need for better endeavours and environment towards the betterment of Animals. Humanity might be dead from Humans but they surely make us believe other-wise. These animals act as an institution of education and love; reliving us of our tensions and filling the voids in our lives made due to other factors.

Thus, as a memorial to our English Cocker Spaneil Sherry, who departed this World and enjoys on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Tabela is established to provide better resources, services and initiatives for animals, irrespective of the fact; whether they be Stray, Pet or Farm animals. We intend to expand and cater to all possible solutions, mentioned on this site and beyond.

The journey will not be smooth, especially when we are here providing our time and resources with our Hearts not our Brains. We don’t intent to be a Business or an Industry name to be reckon with. No we are not giving away things for free but most of our profits will be aimed at expanding the dimensions of Tabela. inorder to provide solutions which are in the best interest of animals and their care-takers.

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