MegaFlex Powder 100gms


MegaFlex Powder 100gms

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Nutritional Supplement for Joint care Suited for :
Older animal with wearing cartilage, tendons and ligaments.
Supplementary therapy in case of fractures and surgical operations on joints and muscles.

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The joint supplement is an excellent product for maintaining the cartilage, tendons & ligaments for dogs and cats. Works for both young and older dogs. To repair the wear and tear incurred in the cartilage and tendons of older animals and facilitates the strength of joint for all younger animals.

The supplement is very effective in case if your dog and cat have gone through extreme stress and strain which can be caused because of various reasons such as great exercise or participating in shows. Also given in cases when your pet has gone through some fracture and associate surgical operations. There are a lot of dogs and cats that develop arthritis in their middle age. The Bayer joint supplement helps to maintain the strength of their joints. as well it will also resolve all issues associated with degeneration of cartilage or any formation of bones in the joint margins.


  • For strengthing of joints.
  • Maintains cartilage, tendons and ligaments.
  • Can be used for both young and older dogs and cats.
  • Help to all arthritis-related issues.


Vegetable oils and ancillary vegetable products willow bark, singing nettle leaves, new zealand green lipped mussel, devils claw, vitamoin E omega 3 and omega 6

Nutritional Value:

Crude ash 3.5%,

Crude fibre < 0.4%,

Crude fat 2.1%,

Crude protein 9.9%,
Additives – per kg – Vitamin E 10.000 mg

Recommended Dosage:


  • Up to 10 kg 4 g daily,
  • From 10 -20 kg 6 g daily &
  • Above 20 kg 8 g daily.


  • Up to 5 kg 2 g daily,
  • Above 5 kg 4 g daily.

Note: Consult your vet for correct dosage.
Storage: Store in cool dry place.



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