Tick & Flea Shampoo 200ml


Tick & Flea Shampoo 200ml

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Tick & Flea shampoo helps cure Flea Bite Dermatitis and Advanced Seborrhea in pets.

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Tick & Flea soap is a dual purpose shampoo: Permethrin repels insects & mites that infest dog skin, while Coal Tar relieves itching caused by them. Helps cure inflammation or rash caused by mites. Controls itching and compulsive scratching.

Application: Use once a month for flea treatment of dogs.Wet coat and lather into the coat generously. Leave for about 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Prevent from entering into eyes, ears & mouth.

Precautions: FOR DOG USE ONLY, DO NOT USE ON CATS. Ensure Dog does not lick or ingest the product. If dog ingest, vomiting should be induced. Treat dogs and puppies 7 weeks of age and older.Discontinue use if skin becomes irritated or inflamed.

Permethrin 1%w/v
Prepared Coal tar IP- 66 0.5%w/v



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